Zuurkool dish with pineapple and pork belly

1½kg potatoes (dutch cream or royal blue)

500 g zuurkool
± 30 ml milk
700 g pork belly
75 g butter
425g can of pineapple pieces

Pepper and salt

bread crumbs

Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces, cook them in a bit of water and some salt until they done in ± ½ hour. Drain the potatoes than add the milk and 25 g butter. Let this cook right through and mash the potatoes, add some pepper to taste. Use ½ of the pork belly take the skin off and cut it in little cubes, add salt and pepper. Cook the pork belly pieces in 20 g butter in a frying pan until they nicely cooked brown and crunchy. In the meanwhile drain the pineapple pieces and cook the zuurkool with a little bit of water for 20 minutes. Rub an oven proof dish with some butter than layer the dish as follow:
½ the potato mash, ½ the zuurkool, pineapple piece, pork belly pieces, rest of the zuurkool and top it off with the rest of the potato mash. Sprinkle some breadcrumbs on the top and add some pieces of the butter. Put the dish under the grill in the oven until there is a nice light brown crush on it. In the meanwhile cut the rest of the pork belly in 1 cm thick slices add pepper and salt, than cook them in a frying pan with some butter until they nicely brown and crunchy and serve them with the zuurkool dish.
Nice dish for the cold winter days.
Smakelijk eten.